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We Wish You A Peace That Surpasses...

All Understanding.

One of the issues of mental illness is the neverending aggitation from the illness. No peace. The only way I have been able to manage so long is my ability to reach out and seek ways to obtain some peace. As well finding a way to pay some bills helped. But even today as I switch careers from Painter to Trainer there is tension to produce. Once there is payments for courses and such, we relax but for a moment before striking out to work for the students and help them source good jobs on a semi-regular basis.

I say semi-regular because you can only do one job at a time (more on this later) and lining up the next job one after another may not be a strasight line. The earnings capacity of painting is such that it works anyway. Consider it a 40k per year job with 16 weeks vacation and you'll be fine.

The bible speaks of a peace that is left to us that is beyond understanding. In a similar vein in all things He seeks rest or resolution. When the sun begins to set and you sit by your fire and drink of fine wine, you will know of a peace that comes from God. Even if you spend decades searching for it asgain, you will likely never forget and you will sustain yourself.

One thing about Bible verses with me, as someone who has experienced voices and delusions, I'm not into the big mystical aspect of it all. I need the practical verses in context that make up what I can use and cannot use as a layman.

So with all sincerity I say, peace be with you.

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