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For Families & Friends

Do you watch with a heavy heart, as your brain injured or mentally ill (Biomi) child/friend struggles to keep out of poverty?


I am a Biomi. My name is Kurt, I am 53 years old and I have beaten the odds. I am married, live in our home and have raised 2 kids. I take medications daily. How did I do this with the health issues that I have? Honestly, I don't really know, but working as a Painting Contractor was a big part of it. I put in the work and it was rewarding enough to increa$e my $elf-e$teem with my own small business.

Schedule a Career Path Assessment call to see if we can help. I started with a few rooms, got encouraged and made my way to painting whole homes and businesses. Its work, but a portfolio/web site of pictures is better than you can imagine.

Timberfram Master 1.jpg

My biggest worry, with a wife who was a professional Interior Designer; was I able to keep up. Was I able to be worthy of her. In our first year me and business partner number one, hit a six digit revenue.

After 19 years and over 1 million square feet of space painted, both residential and commercial my encore business is helping others do the same thing.

Give your Biomi person a chance, book a call today.

Prices are in a subscription format and very affordable considering what you will earn putting in as little as 20 hours per week of work.

Consider, 20 hours x $30 = 2200 - 2600 per month. There is no reason to hop from job to job and put up with emotional blackmail from a job.

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