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High Functioning

I started out a little unwell. In fact I was anything but high functioning, however I tried. Trying changes everything. I had healed enough to be able to push myself and you will too. My point is this, if you think this is too challenging you are wrong. It is exactly what you need if you keep job hopping  due to your health. Complete projects one at a time and create a portfolio of success.


There were 3 key items that allowed me to overcome severe mental health issues. I have had many people try my courses, those that succeed the most are the ones who have all the pieces that I did. Namely a partner who was the breadwinner, my small painting business & finally homeownership.

The painting work provided for a flexible second income. That allowed for work on the house to increase its value. And finally owning a business has had some good benefits for write-offs and such.

I do not want to gloss over the fact that it can and has been a grind at times, but what else is out there? We will help you explore that.

In our Career Options Group Session you'll learn how to compare and contrast the best situation for you.

Safety Flooring After medium.jpg

My Story involved getting married a little over a year after getting out of the hospital, yes, she is crazy if you ask me. But we stuck, currently on 27 years. It took 9 years to find painting. The search for good work itself was  very stressful.

I painted for 19.8 years and our company painted over 1 million square feet of space; brushed, rolled and sprayed. I also overcame brain injuries, which developed into quite severe mental health issues. Thanks to 21st century medications I was able to struggle to cope and function.

There was a need for people to see someone else succeed allowing us to help as many others as we can.

Within one session; if you are a second-income earning spouse and need to work, but unhappy what your options are, try us. We got your back. Try booking our Career Path Assessment and start today.

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