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For Paint Companies

Want more revenue
& a better lifestyle?

May I make a request? Don't ignore this.

Don't have time. Sorry!

I did the same as you. Ignore opportunity, so I could find enough work, to do the work, get paid & rest. All while struggling along.

Are you a Painter?

Yes, 3rd Generation. Recently hung up my brush.


Semi-retired. I help others now. May I make a suggestion?


I'm looking to explore what a Partnership looks like together. We have a couple choices here. May I carry on?

I'm listening.

There is a lot to unpack here. I'll lay it out & if you like what you hear I'll send a proposal to your email address. Does that work?


The paint industry is made for paint stores and clients. Painters are in the middle

between high costs for materials and clients who will only pay so much. Not to mention competition.

I have no competition.

Neither did I. We landed over 90% of the jobs we bid. You have all the work you need then?

For the most part.

How is the body holding up?


Let's process this together. Agreed? When  was the last time you had a vacation?

A while.

How about extra cash in the bank? Or an afternoon off? We love the work but how does it go in the winters?

Fine. I do just fine.

What if we choose to partner together by increasing your revenue and improving your lifestyle as well as helping others out?

And you make money off our back

by being a stay at home Painter.

Fair point. It won't matter what I earn if it isn't in your best interest. The mission is bigger than that. There is a lot to unpack here and ultimately you need to understand what that means to others beside yourself. Can we discover

that in full?

My time is ticking.

C'mon you are usually on tic tok. Within 5 minutes I'll change your view of being in business.

Let's hear it quick, I gotta take a s...

I need painting companies like yours to use MY painters. But they have had issues.

What kind of issues?

Brain injury or mental health issues. Every time they get a job, they lose it because it doesn't work with their health. They end up with a CV full of holes. By painting they end up with a portfolio of success. They can work 25 - 35 hours per week. And they do really well.

Go on.

What if you could leverage a couple of grateful & pre-trained subcontractors?

A Crew does have benefits.

But  what if I don't have work?

No work, we manage on our side as best we can. You are free from constant pressure to find work. Plus any work we have we shoot over to you. But we want people who recognize the responsibility to work as much as they can. Can you earn 5k a week?

Sounds reasonable if the work is there.

They require support and fixing a few things but are pretty good at brush & roll, spray prep and they come with a bunch of cool benefits.

Yeah, like what?

Pres-trained, with their sole proprietorship, their own tools and optional WCB for starters.

So like work placement?

Plus I support you in a few different ways as well. As part of our partnership, I help with estimates, more Painters when needed and report at months end.

Extra always costs so much.

We are so low you cannot say no.

How much?

Our Subscription service is 159 per month. I also charge my painters as well. So 477 total. You earn way more anyhow.


With your work already and us providing extra leads, we attempt to have your crew produce 5k per week.

I earn more now.

If you support your crew, they just want to work as best they can. They become brilliant at brush & rolling rooms, spray prep and cleanup. You monitor, keep the jobs on track and do the hard stuff and then take an afternoon off. Maybe go for lunch with your wife, have a nap or whatever and earn money. Just do your best to produce 5k a week so everyone earns enough.

How much again??

159 per month.

How many partners you taking on?

In Calgary 2 or 3 Partners for 2024. We are growing very slowly. Once we have Partners in place, we will aim for a Licensee to run multiple crews. And provide investment opportunities to Partners & Licensees. So....can I have an email address to send you a proposal?

It all sounds good. Let me do some research and get back to you.

Sure just click the button here at on the Paint Company Landing page.

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