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THE Social Enterprise to melt your heart and enrich your account doing good deeds.

What is this exactly? A Social Enterprise Business Opportunity. Essentially you oversee, schedule and manage crew(s) of 1 - 3 disabled individuals.

Like myself they are overcoming a brain injury or mental health issue. They need to be capable enough to get to work, to paint a couple rooms and go home.

The program actually encourages anyone who can, to become your competition and make it as a Painting Contractor.

Your role, with Our help, is to support brain injured or mentally ill people train, find work, complete that work well and get paid.

Your income is earned by sourcing customers, creating estimates, supplying some equipment (although they each purchase their own brush & roll kits) & some customer service. In fact I worked right along with my friends. This is great for couples. Specifically, NO rent & NO employees. Each painter is a Subcontractor. 

Want to have a chat about some real life numbers? Book a call today!

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Difficulties I had as a Biomi Painting Contractor, related to annual reporting on time, managing the occasional unruly customer and paying bills on time. When I managed individuals to do the same there was so many opportunities to support them and make this program successful.


I searched for something else to do, like a franchise, but they cost too much and have rent costs and employees. These do not work for me. I work from home.

To expand we need you to be the one that supports Biomi on the ground in your city. There is no shortage of individuals to take our courses, especially once we are certified and loans or grants can be applied to their program costs. There is also cyclically no shortage of painting work especially small and medium size jobs that can earn you and our Biomi friends a great income.

A Licensed Social Enterprise is the way to go. you provide some extras, like a sprayer, a meeting place (donut shop), safety protocols, and many other items related to your role. We provide training videos & daily support - weekends too! Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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