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Merry Christmas - I long for a simpler time

Hello Everyone,

So many issues going on this year, so many people have passed at war and scarey things. It makes me heavy and although I am seasoned at heavy mental health issues, a harsh reality can scare even the toughest.

So today I am lightening up by recollecting something that happened in the past. If I offend, know my intention is clear, I want to connect. I want my readers to believe in good things despite life's worst challenges.

To say God is imagined and that faith is a misnomer or that you do not deserve better, remember... no man knows of tomorrow what will come. And if you, knowing this do not make it easier for one other person, then who has failed? The naive children or cynical you?

So I am going to tell you what I told my children during bedtime stories...

We only have time for a short story tonight. Well first I told several stories of long stories but on ther fourth or fifth night I said, only a short one...

To which they could not deny me. Here was the story...

The bug jumped.... long pause.... splat. THE END and walked out. The laughter and wails of Noooooooooo were uproarious, to which a little longer story was warrented.

But every now and then, if they did not specifically ask for a medium story, because they knew if it was late, or a long one because they had to go to bed early for activities the next day... BAM hit them with The bug jumped....I'd never finish it again as the wails and laughter yelled Nooooooo. Splat, good night.

I wish I could tell every kid on the planet that this is how it is done. How to be a good parent and hold up your end of the bargain, but that would be an injustice. I think there are two types of parents, theose for the young kids and those for the older ones. you only get a small window of opportunity to be a hero and it is in reality - a lie.

But it was simpler, easier and blessed. Innocence and naivety. But it was better if they weren't naive and saw through things. See through the bad to get to some good. And see through the good stories for the lesson, that bad exists. People will pull the wool over your eyes and life sucks sometimes.

When it sucks you cannot turn to other people. You have to turn higher to what atheists call the great spaghetti monster in the sky... you laugh because its funny, I laugh because if you do not know God, how exactly can you be that lone ombre walking through life with only his blasters at his side, ready for any and all comers. Your confidence is unfounded and you are an empty and hollow reed. Beware of the one that can throw you into hell or let you into heaven. The consequences of naivety when young can be disastrous. So read your bible. THE END. Bwahaha.

Happy holidays to everyone and Merry Christmas to God's chosen brothers and sisters in Christ. Two for one, 😂.


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