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How is an Instructor different from a Mentor or Life Coach?

Recently I took a course on my favourite site, remind me to link that as an affiliate if you are going to click on it. It was an introduction to what a Life Coach is and it detailed how it is different from other forms of training or support.

We all undestand that a Teacher or Instructor relates skills that we need like maths, language skills and social studies as it was called in our part of the world. I was the one who loved history in high shcool and still think I was the only one to put my hand up at all.

Mr. Harris as soon an I am wealthy enough I will buy you that candy apple red porsche you wanted in appreciation. In fact you are so sly I'll bet you have recieved 4 or 5 of them by now. Anyway, Mr. Harris was my kind of guy, he gave us skills to undrstand history.

But as life progresses and we grow up, we have needs and wants beyond what we have already achieved. Some take the traditional route and take the first good job we can find. That trial by fire can last decades.

Some cannot even decide what to manage for breakfast. So every want has asomeone to fill the need. I admit I didn't know the differences between these four, what can you call them, varities of instruction. There is a teacher/instructor, there is a mentor and there is a Life Coach. Finally we also have therapists.

  1. A Teacher/Instructor imparts skills based knowledge and tests it.

  2. Mentor's are informal or formal individuals we aspire to be like and so we learn what they do and take what they say and use it or don't.

  3. A Life Coach is quite interesting and I found that it takes internal and external events and aims them towards improving performance towards life goals, like career, relationships or even finance.

  4. Finally a Therapist assumes something is wrong and attempts to help you fix it. That is all I can say on that.

In the certificate course, I found the most intresting thing was the mind games. From your inner critic to your inner coach (never knew I had one) to NLP which is Neuro Linguistic Programming it seems amazing. NLP is Coaching training in its own right that takes mind, language and behaviour to rewire what you want to get out of your life and help your performance.

Like I mentioned we took this course on a lark. I thought I knew it all. But I learned something substantial. An inner Coach, there all the time, wow. It will help me moving forward and I may take even more courses. Most importantly, while supportive, it did not challenge the basic premise of our own courses at CK Consulting.

We TRAIN you to paint one room very well. We evaluate that skill over 10 rooms. We then move on to finding paid work and then doing what you were trained to do for money, skilled trades labour, often more than you have ever earned before in your life. We call this a light bulb moment. It is tricky, because explaining the value of doing that first job and connecting money to somehitng that is good for you (painitng is great exercise) and doing it for a year, still only makes you a 1 year Painter with so much more to learn. We can shorten the route to get good quickly for sure. This translates into more money faster. Live support to ask questions is also a big bonus. Google or AI cannot answer how to translate feelings of elation and frustration into a resilient small business owner. I hope anyway. Cheers.

We are a Social Enterprise that puts individuals overcoming a brain injury or mental health issue into careers as Painters, like we did. We collaborate with other companies if we can find them, or else we manage training and live support to complete their own jobs. 

Team up for a friend and buy a BOGO gift card. Get two months for one or four months for the price of two. 

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